DJ/producer Lex Luca – the artist known to his family and friends as Alex Kenning - has always been musical, not to mention a quick learner. “I had a very musical upbringing,” he smiles. “I’ve played the violin since I was 5 years old and started playing drums at the age of 10: music has always been there. When I was 15, my sister’s teenage mates were all DJs so I hung out with them and went to a few clubs together. I bought a pair of belt drive turntables, a Limit 200 Mixer and a box of vinyl from my sister’s boyfriend at the time, Steph, and that was the summer of my GCSES!” Learning how to mix was the next step in LL’s career path; mixing, and the soul power of garage music. “Aged 15, the scene was starting to bubble up so I would go to a record shop in Enfield and buy two step as well as the stuff coming in from the states. Over the next couple of years he mixed garage up with releases on Defected, Strictly and Subliminal.


Education made its final move in Alex’s life when he moved to Brighton to study Politics and French. “I realized the quickest way to move out was to go to Uni and I am a well-rounded person as a result of going to uni.” But there was one element to his study his Mum didn’t see coming: and that was the second coming of acid house and Brighton’s Big Beat Boutique. Over to LL: “It was the era of Sasha and Digweed doing Bedrock, drum 'n' bass parties like Dusk Til Dawn and of course Fatboy Slim.  “After Uni I went travelling for 2 years, and lived in Chile and Australia. Then when I came back, I needed a job, I was in office jobs that were making me sick, and one of my friends Tom was working in radio. He got me an ‘in’ and I started doing work experience at a production company”. Alex cut his radio teeth at Somethin’ Else and in 3 years became a producer for the likes of Gilles Peterson while also secretly garnering a desire to become a global DJ.


During this period Alex was DJing in London and running his own party, Itchysoul. Working with friends, the party ethos was disco, friends and positive vibes. From bars in Camden to The Horse and Groom and East Village and a few festivals.  If you’re wondering what year we’ve reached, dear reader, we’re now at 2011. The follow year, Lex Luca was born. Costa Rica was the next global spot to come knocking, “I forged an amazing DJ journey, and ended up staying for a year, playing Club Vertigo in San Jose and supporting Coyu, Roger Sanchez and Dubfire. I have a special energy when I play and that’s what people warm to when they see me play.” Which brings us to the present day, where Alex balances producing, DJing and radio production. There’s no doubt that he has his eye on the prize, with several productions worth mentioning.  The first few releases came on labels like 1980, Roger’s Under The Radar and Dope Wax “…and then I stepped up a level and got in with CR2, released a few tracks and got R1 support." All the tracks were played by Pete, Annie and Danny Howard. The super-fresh and nicely rolling piano house anthem ‘Call Me’ meanwhile, was Lex Luca ensuring that he had ‘a distinctive sound. I’m really pleased with that one.” So far his music has been supported by everyone from Solardo to Joseph Capriati. His mother and sister’s DJ friends would be proud.  

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